Warning Signs of Scam Jetcar Boats: How to Protect Yourself

Our team has researched and communicated with clients of scam watersportscar companies like Jetcar USA and Emotion Drive. We have images and videos proving fraudulent practices and poor-quality products. Here are the key warning signs to protect yourself:

1. Unbelievably Low Prices

Beware of deals that seem too good to be true. Our evidence shows that low prices often mean poor quality or no delivery. Certified boats justify their costs with stringent safety checks and superior construction. Always compare prices, request credentials, and review our proof of scam tactics. For instance, EmotionDrive use our product images, but promote them under unbelievably low prices.

2. Lack of Documentation

Scam companies often provide little to no documentation. Verified sellers offer extensive paperwork, including US Coast Guard certifications and detailed warranties. Insist on seeing certification and warranty information before any transaction to ensure transparency and security.

3. Advance Payment Traps

Scammers often demand large upfront payments, leaving customers without their funds or a functional watersportscar. Legitimate vendors provide secure payment options and clear terms. Research company backgrounds, seek testimonials, and reference our documented scams to avoid these traps. Please get acquainted with fraud cases mentioned on screenshots below:


4. Missing Certifications

Certifications ensure safety and quality. Our visuals show many uncertified, unsafe boats. Legitimate sellers are transparent about their certifications, covering all essential safety features. If a seller can't provide this, it's a clear warning sign.

5. Lack of Essential Safety Features

A safe watersportscar includes:

  • Horn: For navigational safety.
  • Blower: Prevents engine compartment fire.
  • Head and Navigation Lights: For visibility at night.
  • Kill Switch: Emergency shutdown in crises.

Verify these features' presence and functionality, as our evidence shows many scams lack them. You can view the safety features neglection consequences on the video below.


Assurance Beyond the Sale

Warranties and aftercare are signs of a legitimate distributor. Certified vessels come with comprehensive warranties and strong after-sales support. Our videos of scam dealers highlight the importance of these guarantees. Choose sellers who offer these assurances to protect your investment from fraud.

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