Hot Watersports Adventure with Travis Scott: Watersports Car Boats Take Center Stag

In December 2023, the entertainment world witnessed an exhilarating event as renowned rapper Travis Scott chose the innovative boats from Watersports Car for the filming of his latest music video. Watersports Car, known for its unique boats shaped like stylish automobiles, provided the artist with two stunning Series X models. These immediately captured attention with their distinctive design and functionality.


The Watersports Car boats, capable of gliding effortlessly on the water, became an integral part of Travis Scott's music video, adding unmatched style and innovative flair to the scenes. The acclaimed musicians were impressed by the boats' performance and comfort, expressing their admiration on social media. This event not only highlighted Watersports Car's outstanding craftsmanship but also set a new standard in the entertainment industry, showcasing that even on the water, one can be stylish and innovative.

Watersports Car continues to lead the industry, offering unique opportunities for those seeking water adventures with a touch of luxury. The company's boats redefine the boundaries of water-based experiences, proving that innovation knows no bounds, even when cruising in style.

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